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Biology Links
Access Excellence Resources for high school biology teachers including online discussion groups, activities exchange, and science news. Arctica Solve this mystery about five British explorers who froze to death during an expedition. Find out the cause of their demise. Biographies of Women in Developmental Biology Provides the curriculum vitae, awards, and research interests of women in biology. Includes links to related sites. Biology Answers A Close Up On Mitosis gives information about mitosis with photos and descriptions.  (site suggested by Dylan at Northridge, MS) Biology Hypertextbook Comprehensive online illustrated textbook covering genetics, cell biology, immunology, photosynthesis and biochemistry. Biology Lessons for Teachers San Diego State University helps you to prepare and evaluate lessons and experiments for elementary school students. Biology Place Online instruction in many facets of biology, including genetics, evolution and ecology. Subscription is required, and site is for students and instructors. Birmingham Zoo - The Animal Omnibus Presentation of complex world of zoology for kids. Covering mammals, dinosaurs and even molluscs. Blackout Syndrome Find out about a mysterious disease after a mother rushes her child to the hospital. Investigate the scene and stop the sickness. Butterfly WebSite Explore details about butterfly life cycles, habits, and habitats. Learn about grants available to schools studying the creatures. Cardiovascular System All about the Cardiovascular System and how it works. Cells Alive! Video, animation and explanatory text on topics such as bacteria growth and antibody production. Center for Cell Imaging View confocal microscopy images from Yale University. Includes contact information. Circulatory System Develop an understanding of the size and location of the heart, as well as its function and transport system. Includes diagrams and descriptions. Cool Science for Curious Kids Learn plant parts by building a salad. Then find out how what is floating in the air we breath in this cool site for kids. Dinosauria UC Berkeley provides an introduction to the different varieties of dinosaur, and offers a look at exhibits about the creatures. Explore the Nervous System Investigate the brain and spinal cord. Find out about neurons, sensory systems, and neurological disorders. Frank Potter's Science Gems Collection of 2,000 WWW resources appropriate for the classroom - categorized by subject and grade levels. Hearts Find out the how the heart is built and how it works. Then learn about heart disease, surgery, and defects. Indigo Instruments Online catalog of laboratory equipment, molecular models, software, and other tools for the teaching of science subjects. Inner Learning Online Study the inner workings of the human body or marvel in the exploration of a automobile. Includes animations, images, or descriptions. Interactive Frog Dissection Take up a virtual scalpel and dissect a frog in this tutorial, with muscle incisions and organ examinations. Introduction to Microscopy Take a look at a microscopy primer and museum, details about light and color, and special microscope techniques. Includes web resources. Living Things Great collection of web resources for teachers of life science. Sections cover plant, and animal families, and the circle of life. MendelWeb Provides an educational resources for teachers and students interested in genetics, data analysis, and elementary plant science. Molecular Biology Notebook Guide for teachers, providing hands-on teaching guidelines and techniques for teaching molecular biology. Related links are offered. Mutant Fruit Flies Explore this exhibit showing the mutations that occur in the natural fruit fly population. Includes detailed illustrations. NOVA Online - Island of the Sharks Features interactive exhibits about these sea-beasts, including color photos and interviews with shark experts about their habits. Nanoworld Image Gallery Explore a fascinating collection of images of biological specimens and other structures from the view of an electron microscope. National Zoo View online cinema, play educational games or watch animal slide shows. With a collection of news articles and photos. Natural Perspective Take a walk and explore the beauty and science of nature. Find out about fungi, plantae, animalia, and protoctista. Experience the history of the Nobel laureates and the Nobel prizes, from Alfred Nobel to the present day. Ocean Planet Online search for the giant squid, the largest invertebrate. Includes physiology and anatomy of this rarely seen mollusk. Online Class Study oceans, marine life and world cultures with Ocean Expo, and Antarctica's food web and geology with Blue Ice. Parasites Get a description of the life of a parasitic worm that begins its journey in the stomach of a roach. Find out how they seek asylum. River of Venom Find a way out of this lab in the Amazon rainforest set up to make killer bees less deadly. Problem solve to help the scientists and survive. History of Food  Read a history of food starting with 1492, when Christopher Columbus discovered America. Includes recipes and activities. The Heart Virtual exploration of the heart, examining its structure, function and development. Virtual Fly Lab Play the role of a research geneticist and design matings between different flies. Decide among body colors, eye colors, and wing shapes. WhaleNet Collaborative telecomputing project between schools worldwide. With educational material focusing on whales. Zoom Mammals Interactive introduction to the world of mammals features images, descriptions of different species, and printable fact sheets. Zoom Sharks Page through this hypertext introduction to the varieties of sharks, their habitats, and their habits. Includes printable black-and-white images. Zoom Whales Discover facts about these giant marine mammals, and view images of different species. Print out sheets with pictures and descriptions. Differences Between Plant and Animal Cells Understand the differences between plant and animal cells.  (this page was suggested by the students at Green Mountain Christian Academy)