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Master’s in Education Physical Education  A guide to health and physical education, including information on curriculum, career opportunities, and salary projections for physical education teachers. Online MSW Detree Guide Review the top CSWE accredited MSW programs online, including different types of social work degrees (1 year MSW programs, MSW programs with no GRE requirements, and Advanced Standing MSW programs, among others). Our guide is SOLELY dedicated to MSW programs that are at least offered partially online, and many are offered 100% online. Social Work Degree Guide Overall, there are 1,356 colleges and universities that offer a social work degree at all levels. The most popular degree is the Bachelors of Social Work, with 774 total programs. There are 327 Master of Social Work degrees, 176 Associate of Social Work programs. There are also numerous Doctoral level (DSW and Ph.D.) programs, which are terminal social work degrees, offered at schools across the United States. Teacher Degrees: The Education Program Guide Teaching Degrees and Continuing Education Directory, helping you find the right teaching school meet your educational needs.