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Language Links
American Sign Language Browser Presents videos of thousands of signs for educators and others seeking to learn the fundamentals of this language. American Teachers of Russian Information on programs and publications supporting and encouraging the teaching of Russian in higher education and secondary schools. Anotek, Inc Features CD-ROM lessons in elementary French. View a history of the language, explore the catalog, view a demo, and find an order form. Assimil Peruse this company's multimedia self-study language courses. Includes a catalog, an order form, sample lessons, and audio clips. Basic Spanish for Virtual Student Learn Spanish online with lessons that cover verb conjugation, pronunciation, nouns, adjectives, and other themes. CELA Center on English Learning and Achievement is dedicated to teaching and learning of language arts. Researches on curriculum and assessment. California Language Labs Offers video and audio instruction tapes for over 20 languages, and travel and US citizenship guides. Find a list of titles and an order form. Chinese Language Information Extensive links to language related information including audio sites, a tutorial of survival Chinese, and study courses. English as a Foreign Language Magazine for those teaching and learning ESL. Includes FAQs, articles by instructors, and language schools in Britain. English as a Second Language This website provides a bit of history about ESL. English Shop Online Presents ESL education materials for teachers and students. Peruse flash card, vocabulary ring, and book descriptions, and find a shopping cart. Foreign Language Resource Center Resources for foreign language, literature and cultural studies. Guide to learning software and literary curiosities. Foreign Languages for Travelers Range of European and Asian languages, with online pronunciations of basic words and helpful phrases for travelers. Foreign Language Videos for Children Features video language courses in German, Spanish, French, and Italian. Includes a FAQ, video profile, price list, and ordering information. Griesser Software Presents a CD-ROM tutorial for Vietnamese language education. View screen shots and a working demo, and find price and ordering information. Human-Languages Page Links page covers language lessons, dictionaries, and programs. Includes commercial resources. Hummingbird Video and audio tapes provide English phonetic exercises. Listen to audio samples, and find product price and ordering information. Independence in Language Learning Resource for language teachers and researchers interested in promoting independence and autonomous language learning. Italian Language Schools Database of Italian schools teaching Italian. Suitable for students, tourists, and businessmen. K-12 Foreign Language National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center for grade teachers, and foreign language teacher educators working in higher education. Kanji-Ya Kanji Flashcards Californian producers of Japanese language aids provide a FAQ, sample cards, a daily quiz, and contact and order forms. Penton Overseas, Inc. Publishes and sells travel and audio books, language lessons, and children's learning materials. Find a titles list and shopping cart. Peter Viney and Karen Viney Find English language books, videos, and worksheets. Includes video clips, reviews, education essays, and links to retailers. Power-Glide Language Courses Presents tapes and workbooks for Spanish, French, German, Latin, Russian, and Japanese education. View a FAQ, and listen to an audio clip. Short Cuts ESL series that uses cutouts to enhance communication and build listening skills. Overview, general ESL information, and free evaluation copies. Simple Dollar  “How to Learn a New Language with Minimal Expense” lays out options for people who want to learn a new language but do not have the time or financial resources for a more traditional course. Symtalk Produces Spanish and French language materials. Browse profiles on games, flash cards, and books, read reviews, and find an order form. TESOL International Resource and information service for students and teachers, including a job center, online learning and ESL news. Total Physical Response Provides intuitive English-language exercises through books, games, and teaching kits. Find a catalog, shopping cart, and links to experts. Video Language Products Sells video-based products for English language education. Browse ESL teacher materials, literacy workbooks, and a US citizenship tape. World of Reading Company offers educational software, books, tapes, and videos. Peruse products and prices, clothing for sale, an order form, and contact details. Yamada ESL Web Guide Extensive resources from the University of Oregon, providing information on teaching practice for ESL educators.