How to Register for Payschools
1.  Go to 2.  Click on the register button. 3.  Enter required information, check the box at the bottom and click “Register”. 4.  You will be sent an email with the link to create your password.  You will have 30 minutes to       access the email and create the password. 5.  Log back into the website. 6.  You can opt to choose security questions at thid time or wait till later. 7.  Next step, click the blue “Click Here” to add your child. 8.  Click “Add Student/Patron. 9.  Enter information for your child.  You can only add one child at a time.  You will need your child’s SSID number that will be found on the form sent home from your child’s school. 10.  You must use your child’s legal name in order fro the system to recognize the child.        Once you enter all of the correct informatin it will say student added successful.  When you         have added all of your children click the blue “Back” button. 11.  To enter payment information click on the user tab at the top of the page, then choose manage        payment information. 12.  You should see your child’s names at the top and in a section in the middle.  Towardds the        bottom of the page you have a choice to view assigned fees or optional fees.  Be sure to check        both sections for fees associated with your child.